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Men's Groups

It's not an easy time to be a man.  Men die sooner than women, commit suicide 3.5 times more often and have far higher addiction rates-- and the health and emotional symptoms are increasing.  The pressures of professional and personal life, the conflicting standards from inside and outside that are impossible to meet and the missing life skills that we are never taught all contribute.  I've created a different model based on my 30 years experience training and leading groups. Using techniques from martial arts, personality typing, group dynamics and neuroscience, it is practical, direct, and very effective. We learn and practice specific techniques in class and real world applications based on your specific needs.

Everyone works  as a team, a tribe, to develop skills together.

How to

develop your inner power

stay grounded and centered

extend your power into the world

let go of old stuck patterns

be comfortable in your own skin

If you've read this far give me a call

twice a month evenings 1.5 hours by Zoom and a private Signal group

$100 monthly  no contract  no bs

512 521-6895

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