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I can save you time, money and misery.

Starting or growing a business is hard work and a significant risk.  So many things can blindside you or opportunities can be missed if you can't act quickly.  Put my 30 years' experience and unique skill set  on you side and sleep easier.  I can very cost effectively  help you with strategy and implementation.  I am available for a no pressure brainstorming session to explore our fit and if we are not a match, point you in the right direction.


  • B.A. Mathematics   M.A. Counseling
  • grew training business  0-$6m annual
  • sales and public speaking
  • marketing, leadership and operations
  • 20 years coach/mentor
  • investor, founder in startups
  •  12 years  business  consulting
  • curriculum design and implementation
  • practical website evaluation and design  

Let's brainstorm    512 521 6895

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